Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is Life Treating You Like a Doormat?

Here's something you probably never thought about: Is life treating you like a doormat?

If so, take a look at your front entry and see what's going on there.

Most people who hire me to do feng shui consultations don't even have a door mat. This is like saying, "No one is welcome here. Go away."

Other people have doormats that have been well used. But now they're ragged, torn or shabby. Since your front door is the Mouth of Ch'i (the main location that energy enters your home) and old, worn out doormat can bring 'tired' ch'i (pronounced chee and meaning energy).

What if you have a doormat with your family name or initial on it? Well, people walk on doormats so it's like inviting people to 'walk all over you' and your family. If you're feeling like people are taking advantage of you this may be your problem. The same goes for doormats with your company name or logo.

The ideal doormat is one that is plain or that says Welcome on it (since you want to welcome new energy and people who's company you enjoy into your home).

Another thing to consider is where you're front door is located. If it's in the South, consider placing a red doormat here. If it's in the North a blue one will work well. Is your door in the West? Get a metallic colored doormat or one with circles on it? Using the color associated with the location of the door will help to support that 'gua' (area) of your home.

You can fine tune it even more by using the color associated with the Flying Star at your front door for the year. For example, my front door is in the South. Beginning Feb. 4, 2009 the Relationship Star sits in the South so I selected a blue (water) striped (wood) doormat that will support the wood energy of that Star for the year.

Since the Flying Star on your front door changes every year it's a good idea to get a new doormat every year. Think of it as starting with a clean slate.

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